Creating Your Sales Video for OTO Sales Page

Your OTO sales video couldn’t be simpler and please don’t be scared. This is much easier than it sounds!

You’ll need either Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic to record through your webcam and allow you to edit the video and upload to YouTube. Both of those links go to free trials so grab one. Screencast-O-Matic is MUCH MUCH MORE user friendly.


In this short 90 second video (told you it would be easy), you are just going to record yourself speaking to your buyers. Just pretend you are talking to one, single, person. That helps me take the pressure off and sound natural.

You are going to:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Thank them for picking up “NAME OF REPORT”
  3. Then say “As a special upgrade to you, I have created “Describe your OTO product.”
  4. List the benefits they will receive if they buy now.
  5. Tell them it’s only $9 and hope the realize hope much this will help.
  6. Thank them again and say “Good Bye!”

DONE! Not so bad is it? Sit up straight, put on a clean shirt, make sure there is light and whatever can be seen behind you in the screen shot is appropriate and clean.

Don’t worry if you stutter once or mis-pronounce something. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to keep a smile on your face and speak with some excitement. Show your customers that you are a real person and they will reward you with sales.

After you get it uploaded into YouTube. Embed the video in your OTO sales page and set it to Auto Play. So immediately when you buyer gets redirected to that page, video starts and you’ll make more sales.

Hope it didn’t take you too many tries to get your video done. This is another element of product creation that pushes you outside your comfort zone. But those who can do it, go on to be very successful.


Get this video uploaded and embedded in your OTO sales page. Also finish up any needed work on the rest of your pages.

Auto-Responder Set Up

Before setting up your offer in Warrior Plus, you need to set up your auto-responder. Either GetResponse or Aweber. W+ integrates with either of these services and your buyer is automatically added to the email list for your product.

The set up for either service is nearly identical and if you need clarification, use their support knowledge-base or YouTube like I do.

Set up 2 new lists inside your AR. One for the FE product and one for the OTO product. Set both to ‘single opt-in.’ If that option isn’t available for you, you’ll have to send a support email to them at request that it is set to single opt-in.

Next I want you to create a welcome message. This message is automatically sent once the subscriber purchases your product.

Complete this step and wrap up your OTO and video if not completed yet.


Uploading Your Offer to Warrior Plus

You have your product ready, you have your sales copy written, now it’s time to upload your product to WarriorPlus. Go through step by step and when you are done, submit a support ticket to W+ and ask them to check over your offer to make sure it’s set up correctly. They are happy to help!

Uploading The Products

You are going to start off by uploading both your front end product and your OTO to WarriorPlus, then once you upload both the products you bring the two products together by creating what’s called an “Offer”

To upload the products, start off off by going to

Once there click on “Vendors” up at the top. Now on the right side you will see a green button that says “Create New” Go ahead and click on that button. Once you click on that something will pop up right under it asking if you want to create a new Offer or Product, go ahead and choose “product”.

After you added your front end product, now it’s time to add your OTO. I am going to go off the assumption that you will only have one OTO. If you have multiple, just do this exact thing for each OTO you have.

The majority of the steps for adding your OTO are the same as they were for your front end, so instead of telling you everything to do again, I am just going to show you what’s different.


Start off by clicking on the “Create New” button and then select “Product” just like you did for the front end product.

The “Product Details” Section

In the “Product Details” section, fill out everything exactly how you did with your front end product except put in the details for your OTO product instead of your front end.

For the delivery URL, paste in your OTO download page.

Payment Method

Select the same PayPal email address you did in your front end.

Pricing Details

Your pricing details will look like this: Just a $9.00 flat fee. No dimesale on the OTO.

Affiliate Program

Offer 50% commission. Everything else is the same as your front end product.

Warrior+Plus Settings

Give them 50% commissions as well and then for the Warrior+Plus Access Info leave your OTO download page.

Once you finish that go ahead and click the blue “Save” button

Creating Your Offer

Now that you have uploaded your front end product and your OTO. It’s time to bring the two together and create what’s called an “Offer” so WarriorPlus knows to send people to your OTO after they purchase the front end product.

To create an Offer, just head over to and click on the “Vendors” tab at the top.

Click on the button that says “Add A Product”. You can click on the blue one where the arrow is pointing to or the green one, doesn’t matter.

Once you do that, this will pop up: “Add Product to ‘Main Page’

Select your FRONT END product from the drop down menu and click “Save”.

Once you do that the page will now have your Main Page offer with your FE product listed inside. Next Click on the “+” button next to your product name to add your OTO offer.

Once you click on that, “Create New Page” will pop up.

Under the “Name” Just right the name of the product + OTO. Then where it says “Sales Page URL” just put in the sales page for the OTO that is already done.

Once you click the save button, that will take you back to the original page and go ahead and click on “Add a product” where the arrow is pointing. Choose your OTO from the drop down menu. For the Upsell and Downsell page, leave those as they are. Put the commission rate to 50% and put leave Commission Bump off.

Now click the green “Save” button. Once you do that the page should have your FE product and OTO listed. Then you can activate the offer and choose the day and time that you are scheduled to launch. Don’t select “Activate Now.” If this is your first time using W+, it will take up to 24 hours for approval. You won’t have to wait for approval on future products, it will be instant.

We are almost done here today, just need to get the code for the “Buy” button and “No Thanks” link to add to your OTO sales page. Open that page back up in WordPress and click “Get Code” from your W+ offer dashboard.

Make sure it’s on “HTML” which it is by default, and then copy the “Button Code” and paste it in on your sales page where you want the Buy Now button to be.

Once you do that you need to get your “No Thanks” link. This is the link that people click on when they don’t want to purchase your OTO and want to be taken straight to the front end product that they just purchased. It is a requirement to have a “No Thanks” button on your OTO sales page.

To do this, just click on the “No Thanks Link” next to the “Button Code” which you were just on. Once you do that it will look like this:

Grab the HTML link code and paste that on your site.

Once you paste that on your site, click the orange button underneath the offer to confirm that the codes are working and the (!) button will turn green. If it turns green you are all set up and ready to go!

For homework today I want you to take the time to get your offer all set up in Warrior Plus. They have a fantastic support team so if you run into trouble and especially after you complete this for the first time, submit a support ticket and have them look everything over for you.

Submitting Your WSO Thread

Today you are going to submit your sales thread to the Warrior Forum. When using Warrior Plus to handle transactions, you can’t submit directly but need to go to this URL:

Save that someplace safe for future use as they hide that link now wanting sellers to use their own processing platform.

Copy and paste your sales letter into the new thread from your word doc. That’s the easy part and now time needs to be spend formatting and styling your sales letter using the editor the WF provides.

From your product research you saw other top selling products and their text based sales letters. Keep the sales page clean and simple to be most effective.

Font size should be ‘4’ except for your header intro which can go up to ‘8’ and in Red font.

Remember to use bold, underline and italicize for a work in each sentence to make it stand out.

Use proper spacing between lines to make it easy to read and lengthen.

Do not put your “buy now” buttons in yet. Those will go in once your WSO is actually live. For now just put placeholders <<INSERT BUY BUTTON>> so you remember where to quickly put them.

To add any images, you’ll need to upload the image first to your WordPress site where you have your OTO sales page and download pages already hosted. Grab the new URL for the image and paste inside the image box when clicked.

Take your time on this. It may take you up to an hour your first time making sure everything is laid out correctly and easy to read. You can preview changes over and over again before submitting the thread. Once the thread is submitted, no changes may be made until the WSO is live.

After submittal, it can take up to 48 hours for approval. You’ll get an email with a payment link to pay the $20 to activate your WSO. Do not pay the $20 via PayPal until you are ready to launch. In 3 days the coaching email will walk you through all the steps to do on launch day.

For homework, continue to work on your sales letter and get it submitted to the WF.

Attracting Affiliates and Finding Reviewers

Attracting affiliates is an area that a lot of people have trouble with. Continue to work on this each and every day and it will pay off long term with a circle of eager affiliates who love promoting your products because it makes them money and you are someone that will return the favor by mailing for them once their product also goes live.

To get started, you need to be active on FB and start friend requesting other affiliates and product creators. To find them, join the main JV (joint venture) FB groups.

That is enough to get you started and you can even drop your affiliate sign up link from Warrior Plus in there also to get your name out there. Just have realistic expectations for your first launch.

Start liking other posts and PMing other product creators to introduce yourself. Don’t ask them to promote right away but take the time to build a relationship. Offer a review copy and tell them you hope that you can support them down the road as you grow. Some will offer to promote but don’t be overly aggressive asking someone you just PMed to promote for you. This will turn them away.

If you find a larger affiliate that likes your product, offer a bonus spot to them. Even if they can’t mail this time, this will help to build that affiliate relationship that will help you in the long run.

Your first few products might not attract too many affiliates, but if you keep at it and don’t give up, almost each product launch you do will attract affiliate. The key to attracting affiliates is to reach 100 sales. Once you reach 100 sales and have a decent EPC, affiliates will begin to notice.

Eventually, you will do this enough to where your list is big enough to produce 100 sales for you when you email out to your list. This means all you would need to do is create the product, mail out to your list, and once affiliates see that your product hit 100 sales, they will start putting in affiliate requests.

While you are in these groups, also look for potential product reviewers. Simply ask if they would be willing to leave a review on your WSO once live and send them over a copy of your FE report.

You want to aim for 10 reviewers and know that a couple will flake out on you. Another easy place to get reviewers fast is the Warrior Foum. In the sub forum “Wanted- Members Looking to Hire You” you can post a new thread for $5 and request that only those Warriors with over 50 posts and a profile pic can receive a review copy in exchange for agreeing to leave a review once live.

You’ll have more than enough people who reply in the thread or PM you to get to 10. Also ask for feedback and be open to suggestions from others. Let them know you welcome any opportunity to improve the report if they thought anything was unclear or needed more detail.

While you join these groups tonight as homework, start friending other product creators and affiliates on FB, get networking and expand your base! Also start lining up at least 10 reviewers for your report. Tomorrow you are going to take a day to get organized as your big launch day is coming up quickly!

Organization Day

Putting together your OTO download page is simple. It is going to be COMPLETELY identical except you are going to have a download link to both the front end product and the OTO.

Everything else on this page is completely the same. If you have multiple OTO’s (which is something you will learn when you are a little more advanced), you are going to create a download page for each OTO you have.

I would name this ‘fe plus oto download’ and then copy the URL into your spreadsheet.

Creating Your OTO Sales Page

It’s getting close to the big day your product goes live! If you feel a little nervous, that’s a good sign! You are excited and you should be. It’s a big step to go from buyer to seller and one you won’t regret. Let’s walk through a few things you need to check on to make sure everything is good to go for launch day.

  1. Review copies: Have you handed out at least 10 review copies and reminded them that you go live tomorrow?
  2. Download Links: Double check your links to make sure the product and OTO download.
  3. Warrior Plus: Everything except the WSO URL should be in place and ready to go. Once live, you will edit that URL and tomorrows email will walk you through all that.
  4. Affiliates: There is never a bad time to get out and meet more affiliates and promo your launch. If you have time, post in the Facebook JV groups and continue to introduce yourself online to more product creators.
  5. Warrior Forum: Continue to post in the WF and get your post count up and face seen. If you have a signature link in the WF, once live edit the URL and text to drive traffic to your new WSO.
  6. Approval: Your WSO thread and WarriorPlus listing should both be approved. Do not pay for your thread to go live yet or activate your Warrior Plus listing. Tomorrow’s email will walk you through those steps.

For homework go through these steps and tomorrows coaching email will go through the most exciting day of this process, the day your WSO goes live!

Congrats, Launch Day!

Congrats, you made it! Time for your WSO to go live and start making some sales. Use this checklist to walk you through the steps from making your WSO go live to managing your thread and updates in the group.

1. 20 minutes before scheduled launch time: Log into WF, in Private Messages click link to pay $20 for WSO to go live.
2. Go to WSO section of WF and open your WSO thread. Click Edit and add in W+ forum button code to sales page. Make sure to center. 3 buttons payment buttons.
-Under sales hook, under product image in middle and again at end of sale page.
-Button Code found here in WarriorPlus → Vedor → Offers → Offer Name→ Get Code → Forum Code (make sure to verify code on same page)
3. Add WSO URL into W+: Same page as button code. Click Gear Icon in green Main page box → Page Setup → Copy in Sales Page URL (WF WSO Thread URL)
4. On same Offer Page → Blue “Offer Setup/Options” → Offer Settings → WSO Post → Select Title of New WSO from drop down menu.
5. Post reply to thread, ideally first reply directly under sales page.
“Reserved for FAQs”
6. Subscribe to your thread: Up top of thread: Thread Tools → Subscribe To This Thread→ Instant Notifications By Email
6. Send email broadcast to your buyer lists if you have one. Use WSO URL as link.
7. Post link in Breakthrough Product Creation Mastermind FB group personal thread.
8. Send PM or email to people offered review product in exchange for testimonial.
9. Buy yourself using 2nd PayPal or Credit Card with different email than your PP email to test funnel.
10. Only check in every 2 hours to thread to keep EPC high as possible. Thank commenters and quote their post and add reply.
11. New affiliates will request approval. For first 72 hours, only approve known affiliates. Do not approve those with higher “refund rate” than “conversion rate” or with no WF profile unless known outside the forum or by other mastermind members.
If under 100 sales after first 72 hours, can approve affiliates with “conversion rate” higher than “refund rate” and over 10 sales.

If you have a Warrior Forum signature link, you can change that to your new WSO and continue posting in the forum to continue to drive sales in each day. Now you also have a completed WSO that you can leverage for future products and use as a bonus product. Be proud today because you made the jump from ‘product buyer’ to ‘product creator.’ Have fun today and tomorrow we will talk about support to your new list of customers.

After the Sale, Support and Refunds

I truly hope your sales are going smooth and no technical problems yesterday. Moving forward there are a few things that separate quality sellers.

1. Support: How fast do you answer your support emails? Most questions deal with subscribers who can’t access the product or just need clarification on one point in your report.
Reply back ASAP to these buyers and always thank them again for their purchase. This goes for PM’s via the Warrior Forum and questions in the WSO thread. Buyers and potential buyers appreciate this and you’d be surprised how hard this is for some sellers.
2. Refund Requests: I spoke about refund requests before but want to bring it up again since your report is now live and selling. No matter how good your report, there is a certain buyer who will ask for a refund no matter what. Doesn’t matter the seller, their game is to buy and immediately ask for a refund.
I always recommend that you first remind the refund requester of your 30 day policy and they must use the method for 30 days first and show proof of their work. Then ask if there is anything they need clarification on. 90%+ of people you reply to like that won’t reply back again.
Should someone turn out to be a headache, just send them back their money via PayPal and NOT through W+. This will help protect your refund rate, keep it at 0% and attract more affiliates over time.
Some refund requesters will be aggressive and go right through PayPal and file a dispute. Thankfully PayPal sides with sellers especially with digital goods.
Should you get a PayPal dispute notice, reply that it is a digital good and you can even take a screen shot of your Warrior Plus transaction for that seller and show that they accessed the product. As long as they accessed the product and PayPal knows it was a digital good, they will side with you, the sellers. Then also block the buyers in W+ for future products. If you did refund them, ‘block access’ within Warrior Plus as well.
3. WSO Thread Management: Answer all questions in the WSO thread by quoting their question and posting a new reply. Be honest with those who ask questions and just give enough to answer the question without giving the entire method and teachings away.
Should someone have a very specific question that would lead to the entire method being given away. Simply send them a PM and post in the WSO thread, “Thanks for your question, sent you a PM.”

Lastly, we will talk about email marketing to your list of buyers.

Email Marketing and Profits!

Email marketing is actually where the true profits come from product creation. The product was your lead generation tool to get subscribers on your buyer list. And now you make the real money from sending quality emails promoting not only your future products but also those products from other creators.

While your list is smaller, under a few hundred people, stick to promoting other affiliate products from similar niche topics of your own. If your first product was on list building, only promote other products in the list building, email marketing, traffic and funnel creation niche topics.

If you were to promote a social media product to this list, it likely would results in low conversion rates and unsubscribers.

I also recommend that you promote only those products that you have read through and think the method is solid and would add value to your subscribers. Bottom line, if you wouldn’t have been happy with buying it yourself, don’t send an email to your list about it.

You can find upcoming products to promote using the JV groups in Facebook, and the upcoming launch Calendar in both WarriorPlus and JVZoo. Many product creators will also give you review access and have email swipes available that you can use.

When starting out take advantage of these email swipes and just add in your own personality. Don’t use the swipes word for word but use as a template for your own email.

Email marketing is an area that you will want to spend time learning and increasing your education through other courses. This is what separates those who build solid relationships with their list and make the $100+ day and those who struggle to get even a few sales each day from their list.

Of course email marketing becomes more effective the larger your list but getting those first sales will show you the potential once your list is much larger and you are releasing products every month or quicker and have begun trading bonus spots and have new subscribers coming in each and every day.

Typically 3-5 wsos will get you to the 20+ sales per affiliate email and $100+ days. Some sooner, some longer but if you have the goal in mind and want to achieve it, you can and will. Product creation again isn’t get rich quick, you are building a REAL business and it takes time.

Don’t be afraid to mail your list! Start with 2 content only emails made up of a few tips from your product research on your niche topic and then 1-2 promotional emails a week. Once your list grow and you have fresh subscribers coming on daily, you can increase the frequency of your promo emails.

For homework, find a few affiliate products you would like to promote. Use Warrior+ or JVZoo and request approval stating that you would like to mail this offer out to your new WSO buyer list. If needed, ask the product creator for a ‘swipe’ email.

Congrats! You Made It!

You have come a long way since the beginning of this process and hope you took the time and effort necessary to make the jump from ‘product buyer’ to ‘product creator.”

You now have a product selling online that will continue to bring you sales, profits and most importantly, subscribers for years to come!

I don’t want you to stop there, keep the momentum going!

Go back to your product research list of ideas and get started on number 2 right away.

Continue to provide quality to your customers and go that extra mile for them.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your list and recommend other products as an affiliate.

You will see the best results once you have at least 4-5 products out the in market, selling every day and a list that will being to bring you steady $100+ paydays.

Many people out there aren’t willing to put in the work to be truly successful online but you have shown you are willing and able by completing all the tasks in this coaching program.

At the MINIMUM you should aim to release 1 product a month, for those more aggressive and wanting to be JOB free faster, once every 2-3 weeks will keep your list growing, engaged and actively opening, clicking links and buying products you recommend as an affiliate.

As you scale up you can also look at adding JV contests, even if for small amounts, it will help attract affiliates, added more OTOs to increase sales potential, spending more time promoting from the time you have your W+ listing to launch day to attract more affiliates, giving top affiliates 100% throughout the funnel and also moving off the forum to self-hosted launches.

Keep it simple for your first 3-5, but I want you to see the potential.

Now…rinse and repeat and we can’t wait to hear about your successes!

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