Report and Sales Letter Completed?

By now you should about have your report and sales letter completed. Don’t worry about creating a complete graphic sales page, we are going to be uploading it to the Warrior Forum in a few days where text based sales letter are the norm and even sell better in most cases.

Once your report is completed, you can save it as a PDF and take a look at the version your buyers will receive. Check through for any style edits that need to be made and spend the extra time here making sure you report looks professional and not styled by a high school student.


Once your report is completed, move onto your sales letter. Even though this will be test based, there are some things you can do to give it some POP and keep the reader engaged.

First: Each paragraph should be no more than 2 sentences. Make it easy to digest and flow for the reader.
Second: Bold, underline, italicize, upper-case or combination at least one emotion word in each sentence. Take a look at the example here for a list building report: “All thanks to a simple method I used to monetize free subscribers immediately after they ‘opted-in’ WITHOUT them needing to pull out their credit card or log into their PayPal account!” The reader’s eyes are drawn to simple method which is what buyers want when buying a report and the word WITHOUT which further let’s the reader know the subscriber has less steps to take, thus simpler for them also.
Third: Your main header sentence will be in large font, centered in the page. Use a different color like Red to make it stand out and add emphasis. Start off with a hook word such as, GET, LEARN, MY EXACT, STEP BY STEP. Tell the reader right off the bat what they are buying in once sentence. Avoid asking a question here because if the answer is no, you have lost a potential buyer before the read on and let the sales copy do its job.
Fourth: Include the product 3d cover image when you introduce the solution.
Fifth: Include a real photo of yourself in the sales copy at the end when you are closing it down. Even though you already have a photo in your profile, this will help people know they are buying from a real person and will increase trust and conversions.

As you were doing your sales page research, compare your layout to the other text only sales copy examples that sold well. You will find common themes and trends that work well for all.
Next we are going to set a goal for completion and choose your launch date!

Setting Completion Goal and Launch Date

Congrats for making it this far! A large portion of people who say they want a real online business aren’t willing to put in the work with product creation. Those that can and aren’t afraid of a couple hours researching and writing every night, are the ones that go onto the $100 a day level and beyond very quickly.

By now your report and sales letter should be completed. You still have time to make minor edits here and there but you need to keep moving forward to your launch date. Even though there are less than two weeks left in the coaching emails, choose a date outside of 2 weeks, especially if this is your first report.

That will leave room for lessons that take you more than a night to complete or if you need a night off or two to spend time with the family. I know life can get in the way but keep your end goal in mind.


If you are working a day job, have your first launch on a weekend so you are present should anything be needed or launching in the late afternoon after you get home for the day. Pick a day? Good! Write it down and stick it on the wall next to you!

You’ve set a launch date! CONGRATS!!!

Because not many will make it to this point. You’ve taken action and made it this far…but now you need to bring it home!

Now that you’ve done the writing, it’s time for the technical and relationship building side. This is often where the biggest learning curve takes place. I can tell you its worth it! Once you do this once, the technical set up won’t be a worry anymore and it will take literal minutes for each.

Once you’ve established relationships with other product creators and your buyers, those too will last for a long, long time and build the real base of your new business.

Pat yourself on the back for a good well done and get yourself pumped up for the next steps. If you need more time on your report or sales page, work in one power 45 minute block and then take some time off and get outside!


Putting Together Your Pages

I hope you are ready for some work! This is by far the longest daily lesson. Get yourself a cup of coffee and follow through step by step to get this done. Ready? LET’S GO!

For the start of the technical side, you are going to start to put together your pages. Open up a spreadsheet so you can keep this organized and copy your URLs down.

You need to create an OTO sales page and download page.

We asked you to buy a domain name and get hosting for it. On that domain you will need to install WordPress and use the installed basic theme unless you upgraded to one of the templates I told you about. If you need help with any of this, please use YouTube for tutorial videos. I use it all the time when I run into a tech issue.

Let’s start with the download page. This is where your customer will access their product and a whole lot more.

You Need Multiple Download Pages

You will have your front end product and 1 OTO. You will need a download page for people who just purchase the front end product and a download page for people who purchase both the front end product and the OTO.


Putting Together Your Front End Download Page

The first download page you create is going to be the download page for your front end product.

Create a new page inside WordPress and name it ‘FE Download’. Copy the URL into your spreadsheet. Below are the components it should include:

A “Thanks For Purchasing” Headline

I always have my headline say something along the lines of “Thanks For Purchasing! You Can Access Your Purchase Below”

A Linked Image To The Product

After the headline, I like to place an image to the product and link to image to the actual product. In this case my image is linked directly to the PDF page.

“Click Here To Download” Text

Underneath the image I like to place some text there that say “Click Here To Download (product name)”. You will upload your report into WordPress via ‘Add New Media” and then use that newly created URL as the download link.

Instructions On How To Contact You

You ALWAYS want to make sure you leave instructions on how they can contact you if they have any questions about the guide or if they are having trouble accessing the purchase.

The reason you want to do this is because if you don’t you will have customers asking questions on your WSO thread and trust me when I say that gets really annoying.

If you want to just leave your email address, that’s completely fine. However, I recommend you install OS Ticket on your site so you can actually create a support desk. This looks MUCH more professional and it helps you keep more organized when it comes to handling support.

You can download OS Ticket for free here: You want the Self Hosted version.

A “Bonuses” Section

You will be giving away other products on your download page for free. It is extremely important to include a bonus section on your download page for two reasons.

First off, it makes your customers happy. When they see the bonuses section they will feel like they are getting a lot more “bang for their buck”, because they are! You are giving them 3-4 bonuses that are products they would normally have to pay for, but they are getting them for free.

The second reason you want to do this is because it helps build relationships with other product creators and affiliates, and in return they will help you out when you launch by mailing and returning the favor with you getting a bonus link on their launch.

Understand that the money is in the buyers list. A buyers list is possibly the most powerful asset you can have in internet marketing. And this helps you build it very fast especially between launches.

But how does this help them build their buyers list? When you give away someone’s product for free, they are going to create a unique squeeze page for you, and on your download page you are going to link to that squeeze page. In order for your customers download that free bonus gift, they have to enter their email address on that squeeze page.

A “Products I Have Bought and Recommend” Section

This section isn’t a requirement, but we strongly urge you to include a recommended products section on your download page because it will help you squeeze out some extra cash on each launch, so there is really no reason to not include it.

Include products that are related or offer additional sources to what you teach. Never recommend a product that is complete crap. Obviously you are going to leave your affiliate links so when they click on the products you will get credit for the sale.

A Signature and Picture

I like to end my download pages by included a virtual signature and a picture of myself so people can put a face to my name. Just Google search “online signature creator” and a lot of sites will come up that let you generate a cool looking online signature.

Putting Together Your OTO Download Page

Putting together your OTO download page is simple. It is going to be COMPLETELY identical except you are going to have a download link to both the front end product and the OTO.

Everything else on this page is completely the same. If you have multiple OTO’s (which is something you will learn when you are a little more advanced), you are going to create a download page for each OTO you have.

I would name this ‘fe plus oto download’ and then copy the URL into your spreadsheet.

Creating Your OTO Sales Page

Your OTO sales page is what the buyer is redirected to automatically after purchases your front end report. This is done automatically by Warrior Plus. Create a new WordPress page and name it ‘oto-offer’ and copy it into your spreadsheet.

On this page is a large “Thank You For Picking Up “NAME OF REPORT”! Check Out This Special Offer” and then your sales video. Beneath the sales video is the “Buy Button” and “No Thanks” button, both given to you by Warrior Plus and we will add those later.

Your video will be created in a couple days after you create the OTO. Tomorrow I am going to teach you a few simple and quick methods. But for today when creating this page, just embed and YouTube video as a placeholder.

YouTube and Google search will be your best allies should you run into set up trouble. Keep it simple and just the basic elements that I spoke about. Clean and simple is most effective and preferred by buyers.

Understand the Funnel

How are your download pages and OTO sales page coming along? I hope things are going smooth and I wanted to give you another day to catch up on creating those pages and polishing your report and sales page copy.

Let’s go over a few broader topics about product creation.

When it’s time to launch your product, you are going to have a front end offer that is a dime-sale that starts at $4.00 and tops out at $9.95. The price will raise $.05 automatically each time someone purchases. This adds an element of social proof since people will be able to tell others have already bought before them.

Once the customer purchases they will be brought to an OTO (One Time Offer). This OTO will be priced at $9.00.

You will give away 100% commission on the front end offer and 50% commission on the OTO. This will keep your affiliates happy and allows you to still profit in the process 🙂 Again, Warrior Plus handles all this automatically so you just sit back and collect commissions. (Not quite but paints a nice picture  )

In order to get a lot of affiliates promoting your product you need to make sure your product has a high EPC. You can ensure your product has a high EPC by putting together the proper sales funnel. This is one of the most effective pricing and structure that many WSO sellers use.

On your future product launches you can scale up for bigger profits with higher priced OTO offers and multiple products in the funnel. This is simple to do but we want you to learn the basics and then carry that momentum and scale with your next reports. For your first 3-4, stick with the foundation funnel as I want you to build a strong foundation of experience as well.

Tomorrow you are going to create your OTO offer. Nothing to lose sleep over tonight. It’s going to be very simple and just add value to the front end report. On average, 30% of front end buyers will purchase the OTO so you don’t need to have a product as large or with as much information.

Enjoy the rest of your page creation and talk tomorrow!

Create Your OTO Offer

Your OTO or one time offer is what your new buyer is redirected to after they purchase your front-end offer (FE). This will be priced at $9.00 and your goal is 30% of people who buy your front end report, to also buy your OTO.

There are several options for creating an OTO and decide what works best for you.

  1. Video Training
  2. Case Studies
  3. PLR Content
  4. Additional Sources
  5. Leveraged Content

The easiest is to create video training in most cases. You simply record your screen using Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic (Free trials for both btw) and walk the buyer through your modules. If you are teaching traffic methods, record your screen as you walk through each website you are using for traffic.

If on list building. Walk your buyer through uploading their squeeze page and connecting the Auto Repsonder. OTO just needs to add value to the front end report, its not an additional report or anything that requires you to spend hours and hours on.

Cases studies would be live examples of ways to use the method you are teaching or complete campaigns or keyword lists. If you aren’t using the method taught yourself, this will be a tough one.

PLR content can be used if you are teaching list building and need giveaway reports. Buy some PLR packs and bundle them to include as an example.

If your report is something along the lines of “5 traffic sources” or “5 places to sell articles” etc… including an OTO of an additional 5 sources can lead to high conversions. You don’t need to put as much work as you did in the FE, but give them the details they need to use the additional sources in a short PDF.

Leveraged content is when you use your past work as an OTO. Once you have a few WSOs completed, you can offer past reports bundled as an upsell and the buyer is saving money vs buying them one by one. This is popular and easy once you have past work.

For homework choose an OTO that you will be using for your FE report. Video training, PLR content and Additional Sources are the 3 easiest to choose from if this is your first report you will be selling.

You can also search in Warrior Plus as an affiliate and look at similar products to your own. When you request a link for approval, it will bring up the list of OTOs that are included and this is a simple research method to see what other product creators are using.

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