Keep That First Draft Rolling Along!

The ‘Conclusion’ and ‘Thank You’ sections are what tie the entire report together and add that final exclamation point for the reader.

In your conclusion, recap the method or strategies you taught. No more than a couple sentences for each one. If it takes you more for a 30 thousand foot overview, your methods are most likely too complicated for a beginner.


Then, in your thank you, you want to obviously thank the buyer and encourage them to take action on your teachings. This let’s them know that you stand by your methods and are supporting them which makes you human and builds a connection.

Even though 90% won’t take action, you want to start building that relationship with your buyer’s to help when you are sending affiliate emails and building trust so they buy through your links.

Again, include a photo and contact information.

Many choose to create a Facebook group in which buyers can ask questions, share ideas and help to continue to build yourself as the authority. This gives you one more place in addition to email marketing to keep in front of your audience and build trust.

Use the same FB group for all of your reports and it will quickly build into a community of fans that will continue to buy from you over and over again with future reports.

Get these two sections done tonight as homework and continue to work on your draft. You should be getting very close to finishing and tomorrow we will talk about bringing it all together.


Completing Your Draft

You’ve been working on your outline and draft the past 3 days and hope it’s nearing completion. If you aren’t totally finished yet, that’s fine! While we keep moving forward towards the day you release the report for sale, continue to make edits and add information as needed.

Finalize your table of contents and add a footer and page numbers to each page.

Double check all links inside the report to make sure they are working

Read through again from the point of the buyer. Are there any areas that are theory and not fact or opinion?

Are you telling the reader what to do, rather than making suggestions?

Are there areas of the reports that leave room for support questions? If so, work on simplifying or adding a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module after your ‘Conclusion.’


You should also add a new section now of “Recommended Resources” that you may have used in the report. If your report is on “Getting Traffic to a Squeeze Page” as I mentioned earlier in the training, you will want to include the link for an Auto-Responder, squeeze page generators, hosting and traffic sites.

You also have the opportunity to sell to the buyer again as an affiliate with similar reports that tackle the same problem but with a different solution. No more than 2-3 affiliate links here and pre-sell writing a short paragraph on each product and why you know it will help the reader. Warrior Plus or JVZoo is where to look.

For homework, run through these steps and add your “Recommended Resources” section. Continue to write the main method content also if you haven’t finished yet.

Write Your Sales Copy

Before you write your own sales copy, it would be a good idea to go through the sales pages of past WSO of the Day products. When you read through the copy, take note of what you liked and didn’t like. This will give you a good idea on sections/words to include in your sales copy and sections/words to avoid.

Spend an hour each day for 2-3 days and start writing your copy as if you were trying to sell to your TOUGHEST customer.

Begin by presenting pain points and then offer your report as the solution to their pain. You need to take time listing the benefits of your product instead of listing the features. I am not saying you shouldn’t list features, because you should. What I am saying is that benefits outweigh features.


Also make sure you arouse curiosity within the copy. The longer the customer reads the copy, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If you arouse their curiosity, they will continue reading which increases the chances of them making a purchase.

Sales Letter Formula

  1. What Are You Selling? Write The Headline Telling That
  2. Dig Into it. Ask Questions To Assess Needs
  3. Relate Their Need To You Or Your Clients
  4. Tell What You Have Created
  5. Explain What They Get
  6. Explain The Value of What They Get- Not In Dollars, But In Usefulness
  7. Offer (Price)
  8. Refund Policy
  9. Close. Buy This

Another easy method is to go back to your product research that you did in Warrior Plus. Go back to those products in the similar method and review ones that sold over 100 copies with 10%+ conversions.

  • What elements are common?
  • What pain points are similar?
  • What solutions were offered that you also are teaching?

The MOST important tip to keep in mind as you write your sales letter is to make sure that everything you claim and say in your sales letter is included in your report!

For homework tonight, I want you to locate 5 sales letters that you will use for the base of your template. Search through JVZoo and Warrior+ for products that have sold over 100 copies and find ones that match the sales letter formula above.

Create a new word document and copy and paste those 5 urls into it. Tomorrow we are going to outline and start writing!

Outlining Your Sales Letter

You should have found your 5 example sales letters to use as your template for yours. Open that doc and then copy and paste the sales letter outline into it. Here it is again from the previous lesson:

Sales Letter Formula

  1. What Are You Selling? Write The Headline Telling That
  2. Dig Into it. Ask Questions To Bring Out Pain Points
  3. Relate Their Need To Your Own Or Others
  4. Tell The Reader What You Have Created
  5. Explain What They Get- Be Upfront and Clear
  6. Explain The Value of What They Get- Not In Dollars, But In Usefulness
  7. Offer (Price)
  8. Refund Policy
  9. PS Close. Buy This

Now go through and start writing pulling elements from the example sales letters you found. Of course you can’t copy word for word but use these as inspiration and rewrite to fit your own style and product.

Successful sales letters follow the same basic outline covered above so no need to reinvent the wheel here! This is also a skill and why copywriters are in such demand. I can tell you it will get easier with repetition and practice.

For your first few reports, I highly recommend you don’t go out and spend money on a copywriter. The number of sales won’t justify the expense. Save this for once you are getting a couple hundred sales each report and have had the time to recruit and attract affiliates for each launch.

For your homework tonight, start writing your sales letter! Have fun with it and don’t stress!

Outlining Your Sales Letter Part 2

As you continue to work on your sales letter, a few points to keep in mind with the Warrior Forum.

First: No income claims are allowed. You can’t tell readers that they will make $XXX amount of dollars in a certain period of time.

That would go for exact number of subscribers someone could get or website traffic or rankings. You can say this will help you get subscribers, higher rankings or website visitors, but no exact numbers allowed.

Second: Blind sales copy that doesn’t explain what the buyer actually will learn or the method taught, is not allowed. If you are confident in what you are teaching and it works, you should have no problem helping people making an educated decision to buy.

If you have to trick or hide what you are teaching to get buyers, this won’t make for a good experience for either of you with increased refund rates and buyers who don’t trust you and unlikely to buy affiliate offers you recommend.

Third: You need to have a clearly stated refund policy. No matter how good your report it, you are going to get a small number of refund requests. This happens to all of us so don’t freak out when you get your first. Here is a simple refund policy you can use that helps keep serial refunders at arms length.

“Use the methods taught in the report for a full 30 days. If you don’t get results as taught, contact me for a full refund. Thank you!”

Then if a buyer hits you with a refund request, kindly ask them for examples of what they did during the past 30 days and see if you can help them before issuing a refund. After you reply to their refund request, 90% will just move on and not even bothering to try to get their money. Win for you!

Fourth: You need to include contact information for support. For this just use your email address from a domain. Do not use a free email provider like Gmail or Hotmail. Keep it professional with your new business.

For homework continue to work on your sales letter and make sure you addressed the coaching points from today’s lesson. By tomorrow it should be about complete and take another look at it for edits or areas of improvement.

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