Choosing Your Product Niche and Research

Hope you spent some quality time on your product research and have a list of 10 ideas to choose from.

Anything on the list that you have experience on?


Anything that you have been wanting to know more about?

Anything that you saw the same question being asked over and over again that you could answer with some simple research?

I don’t want you to agonize over this part, this is your first product, it doesn’t have to be an award winning report, just help the buyer by answering their questions. As you do this more and more it WILL get easier and fresh product ideas will come to you.

Remember, there are very few product creators who are coming out with 100% unique ideas each and every time. We are just offering a service by saving people time in getting their questions about the topic niche answered.

Once you have your topic niche chosen, it’s time to dive into that niche and research. You can become more of an expert than you think with a few hours of dedicated research in your new niche.

The first place to go is into the niche sub forums of the Warrior Forum. You’ll be able to find your niche topic and again look at the most common problems people have with that niche that reoccur over and over again to make for the basis of your report. Start taking notes as you’ll use these for your report!


How to…..? are going to be very common in these forums and take notes on the questions and answers. Start a word doc and just start copying and pasting questions and answers into it to start your research.

Tomorrow you are going to choose the actual angle of your report and dive into product research even deeper to help you become an expert in the shortest amount of time possible.

Choosing Your Product Angle

You’ve done some research now on common questions in your niche topic and started to gather information on answers. Now let’s decide on what you are going to teach the buyer of your report.

List building is an evergreen topic and you may have noticed questions from people asking how to build their list cheaply or how to buy solo ads. I also see a lot of questions on how to make money from their funnels. All of those are good topics that have hungry buyers and products that sell very well constantly getting released.

Any one of those questions can be a central topic of your report. As a few examples:

  • 5 methods to Build Your List for Free
  • Don’t Get Burnt Buying Solo Ads, Let Me Show You How to Maximize Your Funnel and Solo Each Time you Buy!
  • 10 simple but powerful and effective list building tweaks you need to make today!

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in your chosen main theme for your report. Now its time to dig deeper and become a real expert.


On the top of the word document that you started already, title it with the chosen topic you are going to teach your buyers.

You already have some research done from yesterday going through the sub forums and now we need more content to fill your report and answer deeper into the question you are answering for your buyer.

To become an expert in a short period, you need to start consuming content in your nice.

A few of my favorite places to research are YouTube and Webinar Swaps. Both are free and you will be able to find your niche topics you chose for your report and answers to help your buyers.

If you have a budget and want to speed up the process, go back to Warrior Plus and buy a few reports that have sold over 100 copies that seem to be closely related to your chosen topic.

Also take notes into your word document on answers to problems and the methods taught. You can research the methods more on YouTube and in the forums to compile research. You should spend the next 1-2 days just on research to become an expert in your chosen niche topic.


Continue to compile research on your topic, posting in the Warrior Forum and taking notes filling up that Word doc you started.

Time To Name Your Report and Get A Cover

This is one of my favorite parts that really starts to bring the project together.

You are going to choose a name for your report and order an eCover.

For your name you want something simple and short. No need to kill yourself here.

1) Make it easy for readers to buy. Buyers want a magic pill. They want to follow directions and enjoy the benefits the title promises. For example, “5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Squeeze Page.”
2) Be outrageous with your book title. People do judge a book by its title. It must be so outstanding and catchy it compels the reader to either buy on the spot or look further to the description of the report. Take a risk. “
3) Titles do sell report. Include your audience in your title. When your title isn’t targeted other famous authors’ general titles get the buyer. Always make your title clear and make it easy for your audience to recognize they need your eBook.
4) Create impact for your title – Check out other authors’ titles by researching on the W+/JVZoo as well as ClickBank. Your title must compel the reader to buy now.
5) Use power words to compel someone to buy your eBook. This strategy is used very effectively in advertisements. Words such as “Free”, “How to” and a number of ways such as “101”, or“1001” are attention grabbing words.

After you have your title, head over to and order a 3D eCover image. I also like to get the flat 2D image to use as the first page for my reports. Up to you, just a style preference that adds quality but won’t affect sales.

Give them the title you choose, color scheme, image of your own or both of these sellers can choose that for you and add your name as the author.

You’ll have this eCover back in a day. Continue your research and tomorrow you will start your eBook outline and the actual writing process.

Outlining Your Report

Today you are going to outline your book right inside the same word doc you have been gathering research. This will help keep your writing organized and everything together.

Page 1: Insert your Ecover
Page 2: Table of Contents and Legal Disclaimer
Page 3: Welcome
Page 4: Module 1- Introduction
-Introduce problems your report is solving and briefly talk about upcoming modules.
Module 2
-Introduce Solution/Step #1
-Walk through solution/step
Module 3
-Introduce Solution/Step #2
-Walk through solution/step
Module X
Module X etc…
Recommended Resources
Thank You

The book should follow a natural A-Z progression. If you are teaching traffic methods to a squeeze page, you would start out teaching basic squeeze page set up so the reader has something to send traffic to and then start with the easiest traffic method first and most actionable. Then move up in complexity levels. If your report includes FREE and PAID methods, start with free methods first and then move into PAID methods.

For homework today, get your outlined completed and visualize yourself as the buyer. Do the modules take you through the steps one by one to accomplish what you aim to teach them?
Next, we’ll go into more detail as you start to write your first draft.

Writing Your First Draft

If you only have a couple hours a night to work on your report, you should be able to complete your first draft in no more than a couple nights. Writing is a skill and writing reports will get faster the more you do.

Let’s take a look in more detail of what needs to be included in your report.

On Page 2 you need a legal disclaimer. Here is one you can copy and use for your report:

Disclaimer: This report makes no warranties or guarantees express or implied, as to the results provided by the strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The publishers of this report expressly disclaim any liability arising from any strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The purpose of this consumer report is to educate and guide. Neither the publisher nor the author warrant that the information contained within this consumer report is free of omissions or errors and is fully complete. Furthermore, neither the publisher nor the author shall have responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a result of any damage or loss alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly by this report.

In your welcome message include a photo of yourself. Buyers want to know you are a real person! Also include this photo in your ending thank you message with CONTACT INFORMATION. If people have questions, you want them to email you instead of posting support questions in the WSO sales thread.

Thank the reader for buying and tell them how they made a great decision to pick up your report. Briefly recap what they are going to learn from reading and results that they may get.

Also share a little bit about yourself and your experience in IM and how what you are going to teach them has helped you out in your IM business.

For each module, they do not need to be more than 2-4 pages each. The report should be written knowing it is for beginners, not advanced marketers, so keep your audience in mind.

Simple, actionable tips and methods. It doesn’t have to be underground methods or something brand new to the market.

Images and screen shots especially increase value of the report in the buyer’s minds and also make it easier to convey your message.

To take screen shots and add all those fancy arrows and notes over the image, use Greenshot. It’s completely free and very beginner friendly to use.

For homework, continue to work on your draft, filling in the outline with your research and working on your Welcome Message and Introduction.

Next, we’ll go over the Conclusion and Thank You sections.

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