Welcome to our latest course, Product Creation Profits.

You have made a great decision in joining me to change your income and marketing future.


Over the course of the next 5 days I am going to teach you how to get the most out of every single product you launch, build a massive buyers list, and finally make some SERIOUS money.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced internet marketer or a complete newbie. Everything you need to succeed will be taught to you day by day. Make sure to bookmark these lessons so you can save each day’s learnings and refer back to older lessons when needed.

The end goal of all this is about creating quality products as fast as you can. The key to doing this is to simply get started. You won’t make it anywhere if you don’t get started. It’s important that you understand that each product launch you do doesn’t have to be PERFECT. Many people never release a product because they spend too much time trying to make everything perfect before they launch it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to meet a need.

It takes A LOT of work to create and launch a product that does over 1,000 sales. But it is relatively easy to create a product that does 100 sales. So why not quickly create 10 products that do 100 sales instead of spending months trying to create a product that does 1,000 sales? That’s not to say your product won’t reach 1,000 sales, because it very well might! I have seen it time and time again.

The more products you launch, the more likely you are to make something like that happen, but the cool thing is if it doesn’t happen you will still be successful because you aren’t dependent on it. 100 sales is relatively easy when you follow the steps I am going to lay out for you.

Hope you are excited about getting started! Today for your homework I want you get an account set up at the Warrior Forum, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Facebook and Fiverr. You are going to be using those to help run your new business.


Taking Action

I believe getting in the proper mindset is crucial to success in this business and that you understand there is no magic push-button out there online that will bring you overnight riches. No matter what anyone may want to lead you to believe.

Think Long Term

Let’s say you release your first product on WarriorPlus (Warrior Special Offer, or WSO) and only do 50 sales. Actually not a bad number for your first report! Not only did you get 50 sales but you just added 50 buyers to your list. When we are focusing on buyers, not freebie seekers, the size of your list doesn’t matter as much. Quality matters.

On your next WSO you release, you will mail out to those 50 buyers you have and for this product you might get 15 sales. Then on your third product you will mail out to those 15 subscribers and maybe get a total of 20 sales, and so on.

Eventually your buyers list is going to be big enough to get you 100 sales on the day you launch your product and once you hit 100 sales A LOT of affiliates are going to be putting in requests to promote your product which will result in even more sales.

Basically, each product you launch should do better than the previous because each time you launch a WSO you are going to have a bigger buyers list.

I am also going to teach you how to attract affiliates even before you release your product that will bring you more sales and get you over 100 sales with relative ease. And remember, every single full time marketer you see out there, including myself, started with a list of ZERO buyers. So you aren’t alone, your just brand new to the game like everyone else was at one point.


Produce Quality Content

You need to make sure you provide everything you promised in the sales letter. If you promised you would teach them “x” in the sales letter, make sure you actually teach them that in the product.

Put In The Required Work

This is a business and it is important you understand that. You can’t expect to “half-ass” this and expect to become rich. If you want to make a living off this system you need to put in the work and treat this like a real business. Those that are successful are successful because they put in the work to get to where they are.

Again, the take home point of all this is to JUST DO IT! Have the proper mindset and put in the work. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the work. If you do put in the work you will receive the rewards forever.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Since you are going to be building a real business over the course of the next few days, there are some tools you will need now and some to consider to make your life easier once you grow and get a few products out in the market. If you have been in IM for a while, you probably already have some of these:

Email Auto-Responder: You need an AR to collect email addresses of your buyers and then email out updates, content and marketing tips and finally affiliate offers and emails about your new products to your buyers. Email marketing is where most of your upcoming revenue will come from.
AWeber has a 30 day Trial which is great starting out or you can also use GetResponse. They are about the same at 99% of all marketers use one or the other.

Web hosting: You will need a place to host your website that has Download Pages, One Time Offer Pages and even sales pages down the road. We like HostGator for this and you can use their cheapest hosting package at $3.95 a month.


Domain Name: Pick this up at GoDaddy. Something generic with your name is great. This is where you will host your OTO sales page and download pages. Example: IMmarketingwithDave.com or DaveIMmarketing.com.

WordPress: WordPress is a free platform which you can use to creat the pages you need.

Warrior Forum: You’ll need an account here if you don’t already since you will be selling your products in the Warrior Special Offers section of the forum. Before launch of your first product I want you to have at least 100 posts. If you are starting from ZERO, that’s 5 a day for the next 20 days while you work on completing your product. Get in there and start letting potential buyers see your face.

Those are the only tools we are going to be using for this entire process. Told you this would be simple!

For your homework tonight, sign up for an auto-responder, webhosting, set up the basic wordpress install on your new domain name and get posting in the Warrior Forum.

Let’s Get To Work And Start The Research

Time to really get to work on your report. The middle part of the coaching is where the most work is but also where you will learn the most. Over the next few days you are going to come up with TEN WSO ideas.

I know what you are thinking…”I don’t even have one yet and now you want me to come up with ten!”

Don’t worry, I am going to show you a few different ways to do this and taking the time to come up with ten ideas now will save you time down the road since you will keep referring back to this product research document to grab an topic for your 2nd and beyond WSO.

Now head over to the Warrior Forum and go to the Main Discussion area.

Once you are inside the Main Discussion area, just browse around and look for a “trend” of questions. Once you start to see a common theme, just write it in a Spreadsheet and then write down the number of times you saw that topic discussed. For example, if you notice “traffic generation” is being discussed a lot, then write down “traffic generation” in your spreadsheet and put a “tally” next to it each time you see it come up. So if you saw traffic generation get brought up 7 times, you should have 7 tallies by it.

Once you go through the main discussion area, head over to the Warrior Special Offers section and do the same thing.

Plenty of new WSO’s are being released every day. Go through that section and find some common themes in there. Trends in WSOs and topics that people need answers on come and go so when doing this research, only go back 3-4 pages at the most.

This might take you a couple hours the first time but it is worth it because you want to tie your product into what is HOT and trending right now or is an evergreen topic that comes up over and over again through time.

Do your initial product research in the forum and then also continue to post replies and contribute to get your post count up.

Product Research Continued

Once you come up with a list of problems you can confirm that they would be a good product idea by heading over to WarriorPlus and see if there has recently been a few products released about that specific problem.

Just make sure that whatever problem you choose to solve (create your product on), has plenty of people who are interested in buying.

You have your list of 10 product ideas, now what?

Time to validate your product ideas from your forum research. Head to WarriorPlus.com

After logging in you are going to search recent sellers based on your research of top 10 ideas. You want to see multiple products that have sold recently over 100 copies with over a 10% conversion rate and visitor value over $.50 at least. Older products tend to have lower conversion rates and visitor value as time goes on but recent products should be at least in the past 6 months.

Once logged in…
1. Click on “Affiliates”
2. Click on “Offers”
3. Enter the “Keyword” for your researched topic
4. Click on “Search”

A list of products based on that keyword will display. Just in past 3 months for the “List Building” keyword, 25+ products that have done over 100+ sales and another dozen that have sold between 50-100 copies. Sounds good to me and this would validate your product idea if on your niche research list.

Go ahead and do this now for all of your 10 product possibilities on your spreadsheet. Create a 2nd column and place a checkmark by each niche topic that has a product released in the past 3 months.

A second way to use Warrior Plus for research is taking a look at the product that won WSO of the Day and checking the niche topic as well. This will show you the topics with the larger buyer markets. Let’s take a look at a recent list of the previous 10 award winners.

Do this now with the most recent ten and put a star next to any niche topic research idea that has a similar topic awarded WSO of the Day.

Tomorrow, you will choose a topic and begin your report!

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