We’re back! This is part 2 of CPA marketing training. By now, you should’ve signed up with a CPA network. If not, you can register with Maxbounty here or Peerfly here. Both are free, and both are really good networks that pay on time and have very helpful staff. If they call you by phone, tell them that you are doing CPA marketing using PPC and social traffic.

Once you are on the inside, you’ll want to check out the offers the network has. To start, begin with some easy offers – preferably where a visitor only has to fill in one or two fields. Some suggested offers:

  • Free Samples – $0.80 to $2.00 per lead
  • Free Gift Cards – $0.80 to $2.00 per lead
  • Dish Network Satellite TV – $2.20 per lead

There are so many offers, there’s bound to be a handful that suit you. Test, pick and choose the offers that work for you.

Now that you’ve identified your offers, you’ll want to drive some real human traffic to it.

If you post regularly on forums, you can add a link into your signature. Something like “Get a Free Gift Card, Click Here”. If you sign up to a forum and start spamming your links all over it – you will be banned and kicked out very quickly. But if you just have the link in your signature and participate in the forum – it’ll be okay and you will start getting clicks on your link.

Social network traffic is huge. Everyone is on Twitter and Facebook. These sites are a great to add your links to CPA offers. The audience is usually young and attracted by such offers. Once again, try to be discrete, if you try to submit your site many times or if you create multiple accounts – chances are, you will get banned. Be careful, be smart.

We hope you’ve found this training useful – and suggest you get started right away. Start making money!

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