#3 Administration/Clerical Jobs: Typing, Filing and Office Work

Administration and clerical jobs are some of the most sought after jobs. They have plenty of perks and are usually fairly easy work. They are also work that most people are familiar with and therefore need little training to do.

Finding administrative and clerical type jobs is not an easy task. Since they are high in demand, they are hard to come by. However, it is possible to tap into some areas of the field that others may not consider so that you can find a way to make money through administrative and clerical work.


Document Typing

One of the tedious tasks of office work is typing up documents. Many offices are quite busy with other work that typing gets pushed aside until it piles up. Many offices do not have a person whose job it is to type up documents.

You can put out an ad or go around to local businesses and supply your resume with a typing fee schedule to pick up some work. This is a great market where you can meet face to face with a business owner and offer them your typing services.

You do have to sell a little and you will have to do some work to get jobs, but once you secure a few clients word will spread and you will have references so getting more work should not be difficult.

You should type up some kind of fee schedule that clearly explains your terms and conditions and your rates. You can also agree to negotiate prices with each client depending on the amount of work they provide. This can be the best option if you have no clue what to charge.


With an extra phone line you can start an appointment scheduling business. What you do is offer to take incoming appointment calls for local offices. You will have to be able to answer the phone during business hours. You may also wish to offer extended hours.

You will need an appointment book for each client. You will also need to stay in contact with the office staff so that you know when to schedule appointments. You should contact each client every morning to get an update on any scheduling changes.


You can also offer to take cancellations as well and to make reminder calls about appointments.

To do this type of job you must be well organized. You need to develop a portfolio of your services and show clients why your service is a good choice. They will want to see that you are professional and organized.

You will also need the proper home office equipment. You should have a computer, extra phone line with voicemail or an answering machine and a fax machine. This will enable you to be well prepared to handle the job.

Answering Service

Along the same line as an appointment scheduler, you can open an answering service. What you will do is take after hour calls for businesses. This can be a bit harder depending on what you offer your clients.

You can simply offer to take messages and deliver them immediately if they are urgent or you can work as a customer service line where you answer questions and help customers. The extent of your answering service would depend upon your abilities to help customers.

Most commonly answering services are used by doctors. Patient’s call after hours with emergencies or questions that need answers before the next day of business. You take the call and page the doctor who then calls the patient back. There may be possibilities for other types of businesses too. Ask around and see what interest there is in such a service.



Most businesses have a website. It is almost a necessity to stay on top of the market these days. However, smaller businesses may not be taking advantage of their website the way they should.

If you have a website then you can use it as a marketing tool. Go around to small businesses in your area and show off your website. Explain what having a website could do for the business. Then offer your services as webmaster.

The business sets up the website then you take over to manage it and make sure that it is bringing in new customers and helping the business. You can use your website management skills to help manage these websites so the small business owner, who is already quite busy, does not have to deal with it but will get the benefits of it.

Office Temp

Besides helping out businesses with phone tasks and website management, you can find many other ways to help out local businesses. Put your office skills to the test to become an office temp.

You advertise your office skills to businesses in your area and offer to fill in when they need it. You may end up making coffee runs, answering phones, typing or doing a variety of office tasks. Do not limit yourself. Offer to fill in and help in any way.

These administrative and clerical jobs are something you can do easily right where you live. You should be able to find small businesses and even larger businesses that are willing to take you up on your offer of help.


It can take a little time to get started, but once you do you will probably stay busy.

Virtual Assistant

How about combining all the above work and make even more money? This is where virtual assistant (ie VA) comes in. Virtual assistant is a big industry right now and many people are getting a chance to work at home by becoming a VA. You can get paid in almost immediately for your first job.

If done well, this could become your full-time job! This is a great option if you are thinking of running away from the mundane 9-to-5 job. I have seen many mothers who work as a VA at home and are very happy with the job.

As a VA, you should possess some basic equipment like a fax machine, telephone and perhaps a quiet room so that there are no distractions from the kids, etc.

A great article providing all the resources on how you can become a virtual assistant:


A great place to get a job as a VA is Elance.com. As of now, as I am writing this ebook, I type in the words “virtual assistant” in the search box and I found 100+ jobs specifically looking for them!


You need to pay a monthly fee, but the number of VA-related jobs available in this website is HUGE!


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