#2 Sales Jobs: Products for Profits

Sales jobs are not for everyone. It does take some talent to be able to pull off a profit selling. You have to be passionate about your product and willing to tell people about it. You have to be good with words and be able to convince people they need to buy what you are selling.

Sales jobs may not be for the timid person, but for the right person they are some of the best paying jobs out there. Usually with sales jobs you are limited only by yourself. Your income potential is virtually limitless. It is all about how well you do your job.


Sales jobs are rather appealing if you want to be able to control how much you earn and you have confidence in your sales abilities. The following outlines some easy ways to get into a sales job and make money fast.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that has really taken off with the Internet. People have the ability to sell through websites meaning that starting a sales business is fairly inexpensive.

Affiliate marketing involves selling someone else’s products for a commission. You also can sign other people up to sell for the company and you earn commissions on their sales as well.

Affiliate marketing is often confused with pyramid schemes. Both do have the set up of recruiting others so you can boost your profits, but the difference between the two is that with affiliate marketing you are selling an actual product. A pyramid scheme doesn’t involve a product and that is why it is a scam.

There are affiliate marketing opportunities in every industry. You can even find opportunities with large, well known companies. Here is a great website that lists a variety of affiliate marketing programs for you to check out:



Direct Sales

Buying products to sell through bulk sellers allows you to sell them for a nice profit. You buy a product at a discount bulk rate and then can mark it up to make your profit. You can find many products to sell this way.

There is also selling through drop shipping. This is where you sell products without keeping an inventory. You simply make the sales and then put the order in with the company who then ships them to the customer.

Party planning is another direct sales option. Popular jobs of this type would include Avon or Tupperware. You can find many of these party planning type positions. All you need are some friends willing to host a party and you can end up making some nice cash.

Here are some great places to learn more about party planning and direct sales:






There is no way to not mention eBay when discussing making money through sales. This Internet giant allows you to sell almost anything. People have proven they will buy almost anything if they can get a good price.

You simply open an eBay account; post your products and sit back to wait for sales. You even have the option of offering items for sale upfront without having to go through an auction.

It is free to set up your account and post items for sale. If you choose to add options to your sales page, though, that does cost and upon the sale of your item you will be billed fees. Despite these costs, eBay is still an amazing way to make some good money.

One of the fastest ways to make money in eBay is this: Take a look at your house. There will be at least 10%-20% of the items in your house that you do not want anymore. Take them, list them in eBay and make money from your items. You get to clear your mess and make money at the same time.

Get to eBay’s website from this link : http://www.ebay.com/


Domain Sales

Another online sales job is buying and reselling domain names. Domain names are basically website addresses. You buy popular names and then sell them for a profit. The key here is to buy these popular names before someone else does. You want to be on top of the trends and try to get the good names first. Then people will want the domain names and will be willing to buy them from you for a higher cost.

Here are some places where you can buy domain names:




As mentioned, sales are not for everyone. Sales jobs, though, do offer some amazing income potential and are well worth consideration. Sometimes selling a good product is not too difficult. If you have the drive to succeed and are willing to work for it then sales jobs may work for you.

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