#1 Writing Jobs : Creative Thoughts for Cash

This chapter focuses on ways to earn money through writing. Many people mistakenly think that just because they haven’t written since high school that they can not possibly make money writing.

It is a mistake, though, to skip this section without at least giving it a quick look over. You may be surprised at how easy it is to make money writing. It doesn’t take scholar level writing skills. All you need are some basic skills to get you through many of these money making opportunities.


Paid to Write Sites

There are a few different websites that actually openly advertise for people to write content for them. These website usually require you to register with them and then you are given the ability to choose from topics they give you to write about. You do the research and they pay you for the completed article.

The biggest challenge about these paid to write sites are that they all have different terms and guidelines. You need to check to see how often they pay and how much they pay. You should also read through the guidelines and make sure you adhere to them.

Most websites will give you a template for delivering your article which helps make formatting the article easier, but it is still up to you to make sure you are following the guidelines or else they could refuse to pay you.

Here are some websites to check out:

http://www.associatedcontent.com/ – Associated Content pays writers for contributing articles written on a variety of subjects. Writers are allowed to choose their own topics or from provided topics. Pay rates vary based upon the review of the article by an editor.

http://www.constant-content.com/ – Constant Content pays writers to write a variety of requested material from clients. Writers can also write their own articles to sell through the site.


http://www.ehow.com/ – EHow writers write how to type articles on provided subjects following a specific template.

http://www.joinira.blogspot.com/ – Writers for IRA write 10 page reports and are paid a flat fee of $35 per report. Writers are given three days to complete a report. The good thing about this site is that pay is immediate upon approval of work.


Blogs have quickly become a popular online marketing tool. Many people, though, do not have enough time to manage and maintain their blogs. That is where you come in.

You can often find ads asking for a blog content writer. You will usually post a few blogs a week for a regular amount of money. It is usually quite easy with minimal research needed and you can make a decent amount of extra cash doing it.

You can find such jobs at:




You can also start your own blog and make money from it. This involves using a Google product called AdSense. You simple add some coding to your blog or some blogs tie in with Google automatically. You earn a commission off the ads Google runs on your website and that is how you make money. Here is the link to set up your account with Google:


Some blogging networks will pay you to blog for them. They usually give you multiple ways to earn money through blogging for them. Some pay you per blog and others are automatically set up with Google so you get paid that way, too. Here are some paid blogging networks:

http://www.today.com/ – Writers are paid $1 per day for their blog if they published a blog that day. Writers can also earn money from the number of views their blog receives.

http://www.payperpost.com – This site pays you for writing ads in your blog for their advertisers. You have to have an existing blog to work for this website.


Other recommended sites to check out:




One thing to note though, most of the above sites requires you to have an existing, active blog in order to get paid to post. So if you have been blogging for the past 3 months you will stand a very high chance to make money.

If you start your own blog go with a more popular blogging network so your blog already has exposure to a lot of traffic, making your job of getting visitors easier. Here are some popular blogging networks to get you started:




Forums – Paid to Post

Getting paid to post of forums can be one of the quickest money making writing gigs. Most paid to post websites will pay the same day via Paypal. You do not make much, with the average being .10 to .35 per post, but that adds up quickly if you have a few hours of free time to work.

To be a paid poster you need to have good English skills and be willing to sign up at various forums. You should also be familiar with the forum’s topic or you will have to do a little research in order to post.

These paid posting companies usually have strict guidelines. You have to post quality posts. Simply posting a yes or no answer will not cut it. A good forum post should be at least 20 words and should be contributive to the forum. That means you have to ask intelligent questions and give intelligent answers.

Do not contradict yourself when you are doing forum posting. For example, let’s say you are being paid to post in a Dog Care forum. If you have answered a question on “How to tame a Chihuahua”, do not post a question “I have a Chihuahua, how do I housebreak the pet?” in the same forum. It just doesn’t seem logical.

The best way to do post in forums is to at least do a research on the topic. Normally, when you do a simple research you will be equipped with basic knowledge. In addition, you will also be filled with questions as a result of your research. Take down the questions that you may have so that you can have an inventory of contributive, “intelligent” questions to post in the forums.

With a good basic understanding from your research, you will also be able to answer some basic newbie questions that people may post in the forum. Target the sub-forums like “Beginner XX” or “Basic XX”. You are most likely able to answer questions from there.

Also, if you have found any good websites during your research, take note of them too. You can recommend website resources when you are answering posts, this makes your posts very contributive in nature.

Take note that you do not break forum rules. If you do, you will not likely be paid, so make sure to read the forum rules carefully.

Here are some places to check for paid posting jobs:






Freelance writing opportunities take some time to find but they are well worth it. There are plenty of business people that need quality writers to work for them. They will put out ads and offer nice competitive pay for articles, ebooks, reports and various other writing projects.

Finding freelance writing gigs is the tricky part. Freelance writers are not too quick to hand out the contact information that they have for their clients because they do not want to lose them, so you have to find clients on your own.

The best way to find freelance writing projects is to go searching for them on work at home and home business websites. Here are a few of the top work at home and home business websites that advertise writing jobs and some links to blogs that provide referrals to freelance writing jobs:






You can also put a resume out there to let customers come to you. There are a few freelance websites that allow you to develop an online portfolio and advertise their services through their website. Here is a link to one site that lets you do it for free:


The key to finding your first writing job is to list your specialized skills. For example, if you have a medical background, be sure to highlight that as your background skills when posting your job as a writer. This will help the potential client who may have a specific need to search and match for the right person.

There you have it – 4 different ways to make money fast by writing. You should be able to find something to do if you are a fairly decent writer. Follow the links and find out what type of writing gig suits you best. Then get writing to make some nice extra money.

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